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Established in 1997, Energy In-Hybrid (EI) Solutions Inc. has been providing comprehensive services focused on meeting the total satisfaction of our clients with emphasis on energy-efficient design alternatives.


From our early beginnings, EI Solutions Inc. specialized in the design of HVAC systems for recreational facilities.
EI Solutions Inc. is now regarded as the foremost authority in the application of desiccant dehumidification systems.


In 2002, Munters who is the world leader in humidity control products officially recognized EI Solutions’ expertise for delivering value-added solutions by awarding our company complete sales and distribution of its commercial desiccant dehumidification products across Canada. Recently,
EI Solutions’ product line has been further enhanced by now including energy recovery products and custom air-handling units from Des Champs Technologies.


EI Solutions Inc. offers a wide-range of products focused on maintaining critical humidity levels in most Commercial applications including Ice Arenas, Swimming Pools, Supermarkets and Hospitals.




Ice Arenas
Munters Desiccant Dehumidification Systems (DDS) products are a
traditional heat reactivated desiccant unit, utilizing high temperature heat in the form of direct fired gas, steam, or electricic heat to reactivate the wheel for low dewpoint...



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Desiccant systems are suitable to any facility where humidity control is required or where the ratio of latent to sensible cooling load is high.

Commercial Institutionals

The ambient temperature of the OR often represents a compromise between the needs of the patient and those of the staff; the temperature desired by staff itself is a compromise between the needs of personnel who are dressed in surgical...