Ice Rinks

Design, Construct And Operate to control indoor humidity in ice rings.

Pool Technology

Why using the right technolgy and equipement is vital, not only to the quality of the enviroment but best suited for the region.

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Create a more comfortable and healthier indoor environment!

EI Solutions inc.

Established in 1997, Energy In-Hybrid (EI) Solutions Inc. has been providing comprehensive services focused on meeting the total satisfaction of our clients with emphasis on energy-efficient design alternatives.

Our Products

The Munters DDS (Dessicant Dehumidification System) offers the flexibility and integrity of a custom product, the convenience and value of a pre-configured system. Munters DDS products are a traditional heat reactivated desiccant unit, utilizing high temperature heat in the form of direct fired gas, steam, or electricic heat to reactivate the wheel for low dewpoint applications.

Munter’s Products

Ei Solutions Canada uses Munters Products. Munters products offer a premium partner in energy efficient air treatment solutions.

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Desiccant systems are suitable to any facility where humidity control is required or where the ratio of latent to sensible cooling load.

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Basic desiccant dehumidifiers or custom total environmental control systems that use an external energy source.

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The Munters DryCool™ ERV product provides 100% outdoor air to the space that will be drier than the typical make-up air unit.

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Free Dry

Instead of using natural gas to reactivate the desiccant wheel, Munters’ FreeDry™ unit uses waste heat to dry the Munters’ desiccant.

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Outdoor air often represents the greatest moisture load to a building. That is why experts agree that pre-teating make-up air.

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EI Solutions inc.
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Installation Support & Assembly supervision ensure that your equipment is set up and functioning correctly. EI Solutions proven project management, installation best practices and production assistance enable you to get the most value out of your new equipment.

Benefits create a solid foundation for commercial production Improve planning and maintain launch deadlines by knowing production capacity and time to market Secure a safe, timely and cost-efficient installation and start-up of your equipment.

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